Monday, March 26, 2012

Malee Teledrama Samadhi Aruni Chaya

Directed by Nimal Ratnayake and produced by Janaka Siriwardena, the teledrama is played by Samadhi Arunichaya, Sanketh Wickremage, Duleeka Marapana, Ananda Wickremage, Ajith Lokuge, Sarath Chandrasiri, Gamini Hettiarachchi and Sathyajith Wedisinghe.

‘Malee’ also revolves around subplots like party politics and crooked politicians, black magic which used to harm people and how some Sri Lankans are being deployed by foreign medicinal drug companies to get local resources and knowledge.

Malee lives with her mother Dingiri in a remote village. Hailing from a family of Ayurvedic doctors, Dingiri learnt medicine from her father and she taught it to her daughter too. Though she had cured a large number of patients who could not be healed with western medicine, her popularity was limited to the remote village where she served.

One day newly appointed Divisional Secretary Nirmal Bandara stung by a snake is brought to Dingiri and she saves his life. Impressed by her expertise in Ayurvedic methods of treatment, a wife of a politician known to Nirmal’s family who is crippled for several years is brought to Dingiri. She cures her and following this Dingiri and her Ayurvedic method of treatment get popular around the world. An article written about Dingiri and her types of treatment is published in the internet and many people around the world too come to know about her.

Rajaratne is a businessman and an exporter of traditional medicines including various balms and cosmetics to foreign countries. His son Kanishka who is sent abroad promotes these products abroad. A multinational company which comes to know about Dingiri’s medicines with miraculous healing power try to get her knowledge and it uses Kanishka as an intermediate. Kanishka in turn gets a large sum of money. He comes to Sri Lanka and meets Malee and Dingiri. In order to get the secret of Ayurvedic medicine he tries to start an affair with Malee. But the Divisional Secretary Nirmal who had now a friend of Malee and Dingiri too is interested in her (Malee).

Who will win Malee’s heart? Will Kanishka be able to smuggle the secrets of Ayurvedic medicines from Dingiri? All these will be solved at the end of ‘Malee’. Screenplay written by Sunanda de Silva, art direction for the teledrama is Nilantha Ranasinghe, Suranjith Kumara does the camera direction and music is by Janaka Fonseka.

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