Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment(SLBFE)
About site
Welcome to the official website of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment(SLBFE), the foremost organization looking after the welfare aspects of Sri Lanka's migrant workers and their families.

This website will provide employees as well as prospective employers with a wealth of information ranging from the basic services of the SLBFE to important contact details and some insight in to the important rules and regulations that govern Sri Lanka's foreign employment trade.

Message from the Minister

 I consider it, a privilege to publish a short message on the website of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE). It is also very encouraging to note that a vital institution such as the SLBFE has understood the importance of online on the world wide web.

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) which is directly linked to foreign employment, one of Sri Lanka’s main revenue earners, is the main hub for overseas job seekers, job agents as well as the government. The SLBFE is occasionally a place of conflict resolution while on other occasions it is a place which brings in foreign exchange to this country while it is also a place which looks into the well being of migrant workers. Hence, the SLBFE could be considered as a multi-faceted organization involved in a wide variety of diverse and highly important functions.

I really appreciate and acknowledge the SLBFE as an organization that renders outstanding levels of service while effectively managing its employees. I sincerely hope that the SLBFE will have all the encouragement and strength to offer efficient levels of service to the public while ensuring the welfare and safety of the different kinds of Sri Lankans hoping for a better life by seeking overseas employment.

I also hope that our website, which is a vital hub of information for migrant workers as well as for those who are interested in this sector, will help you/ your organization gather whatever information is necessary.

Thank You

Dilan Perera
Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare
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